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Depending on client needs, I can serve as writer, editor and project coordinator for newsletters. My newsletter clients include both corporations and non-profit organizations. Newsletters can range from simple in-house creations to glossy, big-budget productions. But no matter what your expectations for the end product, it helps to begin with these simple questions. Ask yourself these things, and you’ll be better prepared to develop a budget; consult with professional writers and designers; and succeed in managing a newsletter that meets your needs, and those of your audience.
Brochures are typically expected to fulfill several functions. In some circumstances your brochure may be the first exposure your audience has to your company or organization. At other times, your brochure may serve as a "leave behind" to provide more detailed information after you have made an initial contact with the target audience. The key to developing a successful brochure is to understand its purpose and audience before you begin production, so that you can tailor the piece to suit your specific needs. When you get down to basics, the main purpose of a brochure is to attract the audience’s attention and maintain that interest long enough to communicate your primary message.
Grants and proposals frequently call for extensive narratives about your programs and services, in addition to all of those facts and figures that may be required. My strength is in writing program descriptions and organization philosophies that will distinguish your grant or proposal from those of competing organizations.
The news media is constantly bombarded with information from corporations and organizations, so the challenge is to make your news release stand out from the crowd. My strengths are in helping clients find the story angle that will appeal to the media; helping them tailor the story to suit specific publications; and in writing a release that will result in full-length features, rather than tiny news briefs.
Presentations, Speeches and Power Point
Studies have shown that about 75% of what we say escapes the listener’s mind. With only 25% being retained, it is important to consider the use of visuals with an oral presentation. Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier than ever to prepare dynamic presentations. My goal as a speechwriter is to arrange your messages, stories and visuals in an interesting way, with an eye and an ear toward communicating your key messages effectively to the target audience.
Video Production
Video presentations can be the most effective way to deliver messages to broad audiences. In developing videos I work closely with organization to develop a script and then develop visual concepts for each part of the presentation or story. Witcher Communications has a proven track record with video production for the legal community. Day in the life and settlement videos are becoming a standard way of communicating in pretrial discussions and in the court. My experience in the healthcare area gives me a unique understanding of the daily issues faced by individuals faced with disabling injuries.

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