Newsletter Tips
The Basics:
 What do you hope to accomplish with your newsletter?
 Who is your audience?
 Why do you expect this audience to be interested in your message?
 How do you hope your audience will respond to your message?
 What are your audience’s needs?
 What are issues that affect you and your audience?
 What types of "news" stories will you generate?
 What kinds of feature stories do you expect?
 Will there be any routine columns or articles?
 Who will determine the content of the newsletter –
  will there be an editorial board?  
 How long will your newsletter be?
 Will it be print or electronic, or both?
 What type of impression do you hope to make with the design of
  your newsletter?
 How often will your newsletter be distributed?
 How will it be distributed? Who should be on your distribution list?
 Will you utilize written contributions from multiple sources, or will
  there be one writer?
 What funding is available for the project?
 Do you have good sources for photographs, or will you rely largely  
 on graphic designs?
 Will it be written and designed in-house or by outside consultants?
 Who will have final sign-off on copy and design?
Some reasons to consider
a professional writer and coordinator.
Newsletter writing can be a time-consuming project, particularly if you are an inexperienced writer. In addition to developing the copy, consider how much time it will take to gather information, conduct interviews, make revisions and proof copy. The biggest pitfall in newsletter development is the schedule. Careful monitoring is required get a production out on deadline. An employee who is swamped with the requirements of his or her regular job, may not have time to take on the additional responsibilities of a newsletter. If the in-house person does not have the time, or doesn’t enjoy the process, then you can expect your newsletter to be routinely late.

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