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Brochure Writing Tips
Before you hire a writer for your brochure copy, ask yourself these
The Basics:
 What do you hope to accomplish with your brochure?
 Who is your audience?
 Why do you expect this audience to be interested in your message?
 How do you hope your audience will respond to your message?
 What are your audience’s needs?
Getting Started:
 Try to develop some type of outline for your brochure.
 How do you want it to begin?
 How might it be divided into manageable sections to break up copy?
 Will there be any routine columns or articles?
 Are there any sidebars to the main copy?
 How do you want it to end?
 What photography is available?
 Who in your organization should be interviewed for the project?
 Are there any clients who should be interviewed?
 Who should be involved in guiding the development of the brochure?
 Who has final sign off on the copy?
To avoid extensive and expensive rewrites, the person who has final
sign off should also be involved in the planning process.

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