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The Lakeshore Foundation

Avenue To Independence

For more than a decade, the Lakeshore Foundation has been helping people with physical disabilities discover avenues toward rewarding and productive lives. We strive to create opportunities for these individuals to excel in all areas of life: work, community, education, family, fitness, athletics and much more.

The Foundation serves men and women - children and adults - who’ve experienced disabling conditions such as spinal cord injuries, strokes, amputations, head injuries or cerebral palsy. Through our programs and services, they are able to meet new challenges with ample support. Depending on individual needs, support may come in the form of adaptive equipment, sponsorship, coaching, resource materials, research, education, or a variety of specific programs. It also comes from sharing experiences with others who have similar needs and goals.

Showcasing Abilities
Community awareness is a key aspect of the Lakeshore Foundation’s mission. By educating the public about the abilities of those we serve, we hope to encourage the kinds of attitudes, accessibility and support that will open new doors for people with physical disabilities. Our annual events are designed to showcase abilities, while increasing public awareness. So too, are the many educational seminars, outdoor camps, wheelchair athletic competitions, and other special events the Foundation sponsors at the local, national and international levels.

Equipped To Succeed
The Lakeshore Foundation was established in 1984 to put community resources to work for individuals who have physical disabilities. As part of that mission, the Foundation is entrusted with the care of more than 45 acres of wooded property in Homewood, Alabama. This campus is home to some of the nation’s finest recreation, fitness and athletic facilities created specifically to meet the needs of people with physical disabilities. It includes a swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis courts, weight training center, adapted climbing structures and locker rooms, all of which are fully accessible. In addition, the Lakeshore Foundation leases space on its campus to other entities that provide additional services for people with physical disabilities, such as inpatient physical rehabilitation, day treatment, vocational training and transitional living accommodations.

Community Guidance
The Lakeshore Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors which includes community members from all walks of life. Among our Directors are leaders in the areas of business, healthcare, education and sports, all of whom have vast experience in issues that affect the everyday lives of people with disabilities. We look to our Board, not only to generate community support for our services, but also to guide the Lakeshore Foundation as we allocate resources to meet community needs.

The Lakeshore Foundation Athletic Program provides an essential network of services and support for athletes with physical disabilities. Our campus is home to one of the nation’s leading centers for the advancement of athletics for people with physical disabilities.

Outdoor Adventure
The Lakeshore Foundation Outdoor Adventure Program organizes adventures, assists with equipment, trains volunteers, and makes every effort to increase accessibility to the great outdoors. Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists coordinate our program to create a safe environment in which to increase physical activity, reduce stress and improve overall health and well being.


The Lakeshore Foundation SportsQuest Program offers fully accessible land and water exercise programs to maintain general fitness and health. The program provides a convenient, comfortable and quiet exercise environment with facilities and staff selected specifically for people with physical disabilities. Staff in the fitness and aquatic areas work with clients to evaluate their needs and establish specific therapeutic goals.

Children’s Athletics & Recreation

Super Sports is an athletic and recreation program for young people, ages 5 to 18, who have a wide range of physical disabilities. The program builds strength, endurance and coordination, while helping children learn to focus on their abilities. Super Sports is offered at numerous locations around Alabama.

Religion & Disability
The Lakeshore Foundation Religion and Disability Program offers activities and training for religious organizations, individuals with disabilities, and families to facilitate participation in congregational life. The program goes beyond accessibility issues and looks at attitudinal beliefs that can influence the inclusion of people with disabilities in faith communities.

Work Internship

Start on Success is an internship program that provides work experience for teens with physical disabilities. The program provides grants to help communities establish local programs that will introduce young people to the work place. The program prepares students so they will be more successful when they enter the job market.

Seminar Series

Lakeshore For Life is a seminar series that covers a variety of topics to expand opportunities and improve quality of life for people who have physical disabilities. Topics include issues and training that are beneficial to people with disabilities, their family members, and to professionals who work with the disabled community. The topics covered are limitless, and have included:

The Lakeshore Foundation is a private operating foundation which develops programs and services based on community needs. We encourage you to contact the Foundation if you know of someone who can benefit from any of our services.